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Welcome!  this page hosts the team application for the 2023 NASA MINDS initiative. The DEADLINE FOR applications is 10/18/2022 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.  We intend to review and render decisions on new applications within 2 weeks of the deadline.

Prior to completing the application,  it is important to understand we are using a software called "Submittable" to process applications.  In order to access the application form you must first create an account.  After creating an account, the application form will automatically load on this page.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE EMAIL YOU USE TO CREATE YOUR "SUBMITTABLE" ACCOUNT WILL BE NEEDED TO ACCESS THE ACCOUNT LATER IN ORDER TO UPLOAD REQUIRED DELIVERABLES SHOULD YOUR TEAM BE ACCEPTED. Hence, you are encouraged to set up a shared team email (via gmail or other provider) and use this email when you create your "Submittable" account.  This email should be actively monitored by team members because this is the email where you will receive updates and reminders.

Also, prior to submitting your application form, make sure you have read the Official Rules and Rubrics.

While completing the application please note you have the option to save this application as a draft (at the bottom) and return later to complete and submit.

After you submit this application, you can check on your application by going HERE.  If your team is accepted, this link will also allow you to view follow-on forms assigned to your account so that you can upload deliverables such as team photo, team bio, papers, etc.

All applications will be reviewed to ensure they meet acceptance and eligibility requirements, and you will be informed about your official acceptance via notification to the email associated with your "Submittable" account.

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